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I'm Building Taskito
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OpenTLD - Georg Nebehay's version of OpenTLD in OpenCV 2.3.1 and Towel Day

Happy Towel Day, froods. DON’T PANIC!

Coding period has already started and I’m a bit behind my schedule. Here’s a basic task list that I’ll follow.

Task list:

  • Get https://github.com/gnebehay/OpenTLD this up and running on your machine

  • Learn how it works, what variables can be tweaked and decide if any of SimpleCV’s functionality could be used to improve it

  • Port it directly to SimpleCV

So, I got Georg Nebehay’s OpenTLD version up and running on my machine with Ubuntu 12.04 and OpenCV 2.3.1. I tried installing it via Ubuntu Software Center, but it showed me there were some conflicts and few libraries missing. I removed all the conflicts and installed libhigui2.3, but it still asked me to install libhighui>=2.0. I tried installing it manually. First of all, I had to install cmake.

sudo apt-get install cmake

cd ~/Downloads/gnebehay-OpenTLD-b1c1e88 # to the directory

Since this OpenTLD version is made for OpenCV2.0, it gave me error because all the headers included were of OpenCV2.0 and I have OpenCV2.3.1. So, I manually changed all the header files to OpenCV2.3.1 header files. After successfully building from the source, I tried it. It’s working well.

To get more details on OpenTLD version of Georg Nebehay.

P.S. Always keep your towel with you. Digital watches are appreciated. Thanks for everything, Douglas Adams.

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