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The Arch Way

May The Guide be with you I was supposed to install gentoo for this gentoo gsoc thing, I started to read about gentoo installation and stuff. Made a bootable liveUSB and booted it. Not to mention that couple of times I couldn’t boot. And once I formatted usb and was unable to detect. Lots of madness.

Booting from liveUSB was easy. I have installed ubuntu and mint many times but never tried gentoo. BAM! no option to install gentoo. Well,quite odd for ubuntu user. Looked up on net. Found out that i need to download stage 3 tarball and extract it and something something. Asked for help on DC mainchat. A third year guy replied. Talked with him for some time. He suggested to go for arch linux first. Use it for a month or so and then install gentoo.

So there I was! A usb stick with arch linux iso mounted, bootable, and ready to install. (Well that’s what I thought)

So within few seconds, got first error. Couldn’t start tty. Job turned off. And sent me to a recovery terminal. Spent too much time on that error.

Solution :

# ln -sf /dev/sdb1 /dev/disk/by-label/ARCH_201108**

And yes, If you are looking for solutions regarding arch linux installation. I would highly recommend you go visit Beginner’s Guide

Somehow managed to install arch linux with only boot and swap.

The next thing that I was expecting was a GUI. But it’s Arch way. So no GUI. Just command terminal. Okay. Now comes the Arch Way! It took me 5-6 hours just to configure the network thanks to BITS net! ping doesn’t work. I had to change proxy in /etc/wgetrc as well as export http_proxy. So network problem was settled. Unaware of all the problems ahead, I started following post installation part of Beginner’s guide and did as it said. (Not exactly. I think I forgot to update the complete system)

I encountered problems regarding multilib repositories. How DUMB of me! I am using 32 bit Arch. Hence I wasn’t supposed to add multilib. Took me couple of hours to figure that out. Next thing was gpg key. It was just a result of not following the guide properly. Forgot to generate gpg key pacman-key –init after upgrading to pacman 4. During pacman-key –init, it shows computer needs more random bytes. Do something else meanwhile to generate some entropy. I mean what the heck is that about! But humorous though. installed x11. Installed gnome3. Got couple of errors.

udev: /lib/initcpio/hooks/udev exists in filesystem
uedv: /lib/initcpio/install/udev exists in filesystem

So what do I do! Instead of upgrading, I deleted both files. Installed gnome. Worked properly. And Yay moment. And then, I rebooted. BAM error: unable to find root Yeah! So remember never ever delete any files, if you don’t know it’s significance.

I re-installed Arch Linux. Did everything as given in the guide. Took a lot of help from IRC. #archlinux. Got myself a nice gnome desktop environment running successfully and also an lxde environment for other user. The key part for successful installation was pacman -Syy and upgrading stuffs.

So after 4 days of constant pain, achieved salvation through Arch Linux!

P.S. If it’s not the Arch way, it’s the wrong way. P.P.S. And yeah, Ubutnu is Linux for human beings. Well so is Windows(not linux though). And I am hitchhiker!

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