Flutter - An app to get movie ratings on-demand

Flutter - Movie Ratings is an open source android app to get movie ratings on-demand. Flutter is 100% Kotlin with a clean architecture. It uses OMDb and custom API to get movie ratings and displays it on the screen when you're browsing Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other streaming apps. It also offers functionality to search movies and tv shows and create various collections. »
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NoCropper - Android Library for Cropping

NoCropper is an open source image cropper for Android inspired by Instagram's image cropper. NoCropper is super easy to integrate and offers a great user experience by offering customizations. It's a cropper which crops square image and offers seamless user experience by pinch to zoom, pan and transition animations. »
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LenX - Long Exposure Photography for Android

LenX is a camera app for Android which enables your phone camera to capture beautiful long exposure photos. It uses image processing - OpenCV and Renderscript to perform post processing to create the long exposure effect. »