Litho - Facebook's declarative UI framework

Litho is an open source declarative UI framework for Android developed by Facebook. Facebook developed Litho to improve their android app’s performance on the feed timeline page. We are going to explore every basic details of the framework in this 5 articles series by building a GIF search engine in Android.


  1. Build Android GIF search engine using Litho by Facebook
  2. This article explores basics of Litho and explains how to use `Component`, `LayoutSpec` and `MountSpec`. We are going to implement a GIF search engine powered by Giphy to explore how `RecylerBinder` is used to show a list of items. We are going to hack Litho to make it compatible with Glide in order to load the GIFs.  Read

  3. Managing State in Litho
  4. This is a very important article in this series. We explore the immutable states in Litho and how to properly update them. We will power through some of the boilerplate code to implement like button for our GIFs.  Read

  5. Navigation with Litho
  6. Making a simple screen for demo is usually easy but integrating navigation in another framework is always an ardent task for any android developer. In this article we are going to open the GIF in full screen and explore possible navigation methods.  Read

  7. Using Events in Litho
  8. Events in Litho are very powerful so in this article we are going to explore Litho Events and use them to update components instead of the callbacks. We will send the events using `EventDispatcher` and grok Litho.  Read