Redux architecture and Android

Learn the Redux architecture and implement the clean architecture it in your Android codebase. This series of posts explores the depth of Redux and guides you through implementing the architecture in Kotlin for your android app.


  1. Understanding Redux Middleware
  2. Go one step further and explore how Middleware is used in Redux architecture. The article explains the flow in detail and helps you implement middleware for your android app.  Read

  3. Implement Redux architecture
  4. Take one step further and implement your own Redux architecture in Kotlin. This articles is a step-by-step guide to writing an implementation of Redux with an example of an app to search movies.  Read

  5. Battleship (Game) with Redux - Setup
  6. Use Redux for something a little more complex than a notes app. Write the Battleship game in Kotlin using your own Redux implementation. This article focuses on getting the right building blocks for the game.  Read

  7. Implement the Battleship gameplay using Redux
  8. Building upon the battleship game written in Kotlin, we use Redux architecture to implement the gameplay and business logic. By the end, you'll have a basic working Battleship game written with Redux architecture.  Read