Playing around with Android UI

I have always liked playing around with the UI - adding meaningful animations, having custom views which bring beautiful UI and UX. These are some of the articles about the things that I did and managed to write about.


Posts are ordered by Recent.

  1. Animate your ViewPagers
  2. When it comes to animations, android apps are significantly behind the curve compared to iOS apps. Despite the great work from Google in the material design and animations, we don't see much animation in android apps. In this article, I show how adding meaningful animation to your ViewPager contents can make your app stand out.  Read

  3. Duolingo style ViewPager
  4. I replicated the animations and effects of Duolingo's ViewPager. In this article, I talk about adding ViewPager transitions using Math and PagerTransformer. We animate and change the size of cards as the user scrolls horizontally.  Read

  5. Background blur effect using Renderscript
  6. We have all seen the background blur effects in iOS and it illuminates the UI. In this article, I have written about how to achieve the similar effect in Android using Renderscript.  Read

  7. Create an image cropper like Instagram
  8. Instagram has one of the best image cropper in terms of UX. It has snappy animations and instead of moving a box around, you fit an image in the box. In this article, I talk about an image cropper that I made and how you can also use it in your app.  Read

  9. Implement infinite scrolling in your app
  10. User experience is paramount when it comes to building great apps. One of the smaller UX improvements that you can do is adding infinite scrolling to your app so that users don't have to press a button to load more data.  Read

  11. Making a good dialer app UI
  12. Android Lollipop has been a blast. It revolutionized the UI with material design. In this article, we will study the UX of the dialer app and replicate it with the help of CoordinatorLayout, AppBarLayout and CollapsingToolbar.  Read

  13. Google Keep Style Checklist
  14. Google Keep is one of the most popular apps to keep notes, checklists among other things. The user experience in unparalleled. Here, I try to replicate the same user experience of adding things to do in a check list.  Read

  15. Inbox style swipe listview
  16. When Google Inbox was introduced, everyone loved the swipe interactions to archive/delete emails. We wanted to add the similar experience in our music player app so we replicated the implementation. Here's how to do it.  Read